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Why We Seek Partnership To Transform Governance- Nigerian Alliance

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Having gone through 22 years of uninterrupted democratic regime,Many are of the opinion that the form of government remains the best and should be encouraged to grow. However, events of recent past have brought to the fore the need to elect leaders whose allegiance is to Nigeria To this end , a non governmental organization, The Nigerian Alliance has expressed it’s concern to change the narrative. The organization is seeking partnership with well meaning Nigerians with the sole aim to build a new and more equitable nation. Speaking with Channel Network Afrique,TNA Project Lead, Sharon Ojezele said the platform is for Nigerians committed to transform politics and improved governance with clearly defined ideas,policy pillars and a new cohort of servant politicians. She said their doors are open to young competent Nigerians that are willing to fight for Nigeria through credible legislative representation. To ensure its aims and objectives are achieved,the platform plans to forge alliance with a political party that believes in it’s policy. As the 2023 general elections draws close, The Nigeria Alliance says it will be supporting 36 young progressive candidates to vie for legislative positions in states and National Assembly.

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