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Nigeria Seeking Partnerships Not Handouts – Amb. Tuggar

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Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Yusuf Maitama Tuggar said Nigeria is seeking genuine partnerships not handout in its insecurity and counter terrorism efforts.

He stated this in a speech he delivered at the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars in Washington, D.C., USA.

While acknowledging the need for resources, Ambassador Tuggar made it clear that Nigeria seeks a true partnership, not simply aid. “We are seeking partnerships, not handouts, to counter terrorism, insecurity, and disinformation,” he emphasised.

Nigeria, as a nation facing climate change, migration, and violent extremism, needs the “weapons, equipment, technical support, and capacity building” to address these issues effectively, Ambassador Tuggar argued.

Tuggar seized the opportunity to highlight the long-standing relationship between Nigeria and the US, while calling for a more collaborative approach to navigating a complex global landscape.

“Nigeria and the United States have a longstanding and robust relationship dating back to our independence in 1960,” Ambassador Tuggar said. “This relationship has continued to grow stronger, as illustrated by our significant bilateral trade and cooperation on a wide range of issues.”

He pointed to a recent meeting with the US Deputy Secretary of State as evidence of this growing partnership, which encompasses economic growth, security, technology, energy, food security, and multilateral reform.

Emphasising the urgency of international cooperation, Amb. Tuggar addressed the multitude of challenges facing the world today. “We find ourselves at a crucial juncture marked by unprecedented global challenges and transformative opportunities,” he stated.

Nigeria, he argued, is well-positioned to play a role as a “non-aligned conciliator” due to its history of overcoming internal differences and its leadership role in the region.

Ambassador Tuggar underscored the interconnectedness of global security issues. “Insecurity in Nigeria is inextricably linked to instability in the sub-region, which can have a severe impact on global stability,” he explained.

He urged the US and other nations to adopt a proactive approach, stating, “The United States and the rest of the world cannot afford to wait until these problems reach their doorstep.”

Ambassador Tuggar concluded his speech on a hopeful note, expressing confidence in the future of the US-Nigeria relationship.

“The world is in flux, but the relationship between Nigeria and the United States can transcend the challenges of today,” he said.

He called for a collaborative effort to promote democracy, inclusive development, and strengthen ties with diaspora communities. “Together, we can chart a new path forward for peace, stability, and prosperity,” Ambassador Tuggar concluded.

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